Remote electronic signature for MultiCash modules
A number of clients working with the MultiCash Classic application (MC Transfer) use electronic signature in order to increase security of sending of payment orders.
The person authorized to use electronic signature often works in a different department of the company than the person issuing payment orders and cannot therefore sign the payment orders at the time of their sending to the bank. For this purpose Omikron uses the function called Remote electronic signature.
Principle of remote electronic signature

Clients may send payment orders without attaching all required signatures. The bank will accept these orders but processes them only after all the authorized users who may be from different locations have signed them.

MultiCash@Sign offers the person/s authorized to sign orders the possibility to connect directly to the MultiCash bank server and get information about payments waiting for signature, check them and sign. In case the payment orders are not signed within the deadline specified by the bank, the bank server will automatically deactivate them.

The main benefit of the solution is that the user needs only a standard Internet explorer and may attach signature or authorization from any place. In case of RSA electronic signature it is necessary to use plug-in which may be downloaded from internet prior to the first use of this function.
A MultiCash@Sign functionality
The application displays all payment files waiting for signature which the authorized user is entitled to sign. The user may display details of payment orders, their current status and sign them.
Authorization methods
The following methods may be used for the second or additional signature/ authorization of payment orders:
  • SW Electronic signature - a secret key that is saved on a diskette or another replaceable medium, e.g. flash disk

  • HW Electronic signature - a secret key that is saved on a chip card

  • Vasco Tokens

With the use of the Vasco token method, the application is not dependent on the computer and the signature may be attached from any place.