ViberDesk Pro

Interface to the VIBER system
ViberDesk Pro is a CBT (Computer Based Terminal) that creates an interactive connection between the local RTGS and the bank.
The following figure illustrates the environment of ViberDesk Pro indicating the connections among the host system of the bank, the SWIFT network and the centre of the local RTGS, the CAS. 

As it can be seen below, ViberDesk Pro is connected to both the account keeping system and the SWIFT terminal (e.g. ST400, TurboSwift Alliance, Merva etc.) of the bank.
ViberDesk Pro environment
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The functions of ViberDesk Pro
Message handling
  • Transfers between banks, customer messages   
  • Forwarding bank-to-bank and customer payments coming from the account keeping system to RTGS. It is also possible in ViberDesk Pro to enter, check and send MT202/MT202COV/MT103 messages.
  • Receiving and forwarding MT202/MT202COV/MT103 messages coming from RTGS to the account keeping system. Receiving and assigning MT012/MT019 messages to the sent messages.   
  • Changing messages with CAS   
  • Inquiry on CAS status, inquiry on balance in the daytime, etc   
  • Possibility to connect to the systems of bank   
  • Using SWIFT format.   
  • Data-connection to the SWIFT system of bank  
  • TurboSwift, ST400, Alliance   
  • Handling value-dated transactions in ViberDesk Pro   
  • Handling items expected   
  • Manual entry, automatic reconciliation   
  • Displaying items by different aspects

Performing tasks required at opening and closing a day
  • Processing RTGS centre opening messages  
  • Automatic reconciliation of banking transactions and statement items sent at closing a day   
  • Reconciliation of closing MT950 message lines and daily movements   
  • Archiving, logs

Liquidity handling
  • Continuous monitoring liquidity during operation
  • Monitoring items in RTGS, cancelling an item, changing priorities
  • Reconciliation of items received and expected
  • Reconciliation with the RTGS centre (status of co-banks, status of RTGS/CAS)

Other functions
  • Databases (banks/financial institutions, customers of the bank, bank ID corroborant table)
  • Identifying users and their activities, assigning and checking access rights
  • 4 pre-built standard user profiles

For the time being, ViberDesk Pro may establish bi-directional connection to the account-keeping system of the bank (such as Symbols, ANLOS) via file transfer. It supports the communication via standard SWIFT-formatted files.The message exchange - if requested - can be done via IBM MQ Series (WebSphere).

Technical parameters   
  • ViberDesk Pro and the related bank systems can communicate with each other in accordance with the SWIFT standards
  • Using MS SQL or Oracle databases   
  • Multi-user functionality Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 environmenty MQSeries-en (IBM WebSphere)