en. SafeWatch Profiling

en.SafeWatch Profiling characteristics
With en.SafeWatch Profiling solution, customers benefit from a rapidly deployable, robust anti-money laundering solution offering unprecedented ease of use.
Key capabilities to protect your bank include:

  •  Flexible, configurable solution to adapt to new risks and needs
  •  Robust Know Your Customer (KYC) controls
  •  Advanced customer and account monitoring and profiling
  •  Risk score management and peer group analysis
  •  Case management and regulatory reporting
Anti-Money Laundering Compliance
As growing regulatory pressures mount against the backdrop of the current financial crisis, compliance professionals are looking for better and more cost-effective strategies to mitigate financial crime and meet regulatory requirements.
With en.SafeWatch Profiling, financial institutions can benefit from a next-generation anti- money laundering (AML) solution developed over a decade working with many of the world's leading financial institutions including BNP Paribas, ING Direct, Wachovia, Barclays Capital and ABN AMRO.

Complete Coverage of Your AML Processes
With en.SafeWatch, customers benefit from a flexible, configurable and end-to-end offering supporting complete coverage of AML processes and compliance practices. From a sophisticated detection engine for exceptional alert accuracy, to a built-in library of AML and anti-fraud scenarios.
en.SafeWatch Profiling will make your compliance team more productive and cost-efficient - while keeping your firm protected against financial crime and regulatory risk.
Key Capabilities
  • Enables complete integration with real time en.SafeWatch Watch list Filtering and Anti-Fraud solutions
  • Automatically detects suspicious elements in transactions or investigates defined groups of customers using rules based logic.
  • Delivers risk scoring and peer group analysis for fast, accurate detection.
  • Allows users to create the detection and case workflow adapted to their business needs and following their AML internal procedures.
  • Provides a sophisticated Detection Manager giving the compliance team control and visibility over all detections.
  • Lists detections along with associated transactions, account details, etc., with its Detection Analyzer. Alerts can be easily passed into the en.SafeWatch integrated workflow.
  • Offers preconfigured basic business rules that cover common money laundering patterns.
  • Includes built in powerful wizards to guide non-technical users in creating new or modifying existing business rules.
  • Enables new rules to be tested and analyzed without impacting production systems
  • Provides built-in case management, regulatory reporting and audit capture capability.