Meniga PFM Solution

A PFM is a new generation web-based software which provides the retail bank customers with a spectacular tool to manage their personal finance. The solution can be fully integrated in the internet banking application of the bank. PFM is a highly automated software powered by web 2.0 features (intuitive interface and visualization) to help the clients to manage and plan their finances in an effective way. The Meniga PFM Solution is a white-label solution for retail banks that rival any other available in the world today, in terms of functionality, usability, scalability and security. Meniga PFM is a multi-channel, 3-tier, mobile and web application that has, in every aspect, been designed for both efficient and flexible integration with banks’ existing infrastructure.

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Major Benefits of Meniga PFM for Retail Banks
Brand building
Bank can build own brand by giving customers what they want: comprehensive, visually appealing and easy-to-use money management tools.

In a time when loyalty is on the decline, PFM is proven to dramatically improve retention.

Customer Insights and Cross-selling
PFM usage says a lot about customers' financial behaviour. More time spent online also leads to higher conversion.

PFM can be a powerful acquisition tool, especially when bundled with other offerings (such as credit cards).

More and more people prefer never to visit branches. PFM is a major new channel to engage with customers and earn their trust.

PFM is a big leap towards the "virtual branch" as personalized advice; product offers and self-service are natural to PFM.

Lower cost
PFM tends to increase use of debit and credit cards and decrease use of cash and ATMs.

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Meniga PFM for online banking users
Account Aggregation and Household View
Users get a holistic view by aggregating transactions from all their bank accounts and credit cards. Spouses can merge their accounts for a complete "household view".

Intuitive and Pleasing Interface for Every Channel
Usability, simplicity, visualization and a great design are key design traits of the user interface which is available through web browsers, mobile devices and e-mail.

Gamification and mass appeal
With the goal of appealing even to those who usually avoid facing their finances, Meniga uses social curiosity, humour, gaming concepts, and social media integration to make money management effortless and fun. Spending habits can be anonymously compared with those of other people with a similar profile.

Highly accurate automatic categorization
Meniga developed a very sophisticated and flexible category system. It is easy-to-understand and suits most people€™ requirements however has a high level of customization.

Simple and Effective Budgeting System
Future income and expenses are automatically projected based on users' historical data to help users get started with a realistic budget.

Life Goals
Users are encouraged to set financial "life goals" (e.g. "New car" or "Bigger home") that are tracked by linking them to the balance of the bank's savings products.

Mobile channel support
Customers can use mobile web interfaces as well as mobile apps (iPhone, Android etc.) to access Meniga PFM.