View and investigate years of SWIFT traffic data using a common Windows interface.
Ever had to make a report on your annual SWIFT traffic?
Or find what payments have been received for a given customer?
Need to put automatically your SWIFT data in an Excel spreadsheet?
en.Reporting offers a solution complementing SWIFTAlliance Entry to allow you to quickly and easily do all this and more. 
  • More than 40 predefined reports addressing most of your reporting needs.
  • Allows long term statistical traffic analysis, such as relationship with one
  • banking correspondent, volume of business per message category, departmental cross-charging,
  • Use popular Crystal Reports design tools to customize existing reports or to create new ones
  • Years of Messages and Events are available to be searched on any field and displayed exactly like in SWIFTAlliance
  • Offers access to the SWIFTAlliance Message data to the whole financial institution
  • Security concepts aligned with those of SWIFTAlliance (e.g. message access segregation)
  • Totally accurate data, highly reliable reports

The Viewer

Application replicating Message File functionality to search and display messages in the database

Archive Import

Automatically imports the message information of the message file archive backup into the database

Crystal Reports

Standard predefined report templates covering most traffic, audit and statistical reporting needs.


Windows application to provide parameters, generate and export reports (e.g. to PDF, HTML).

  • EastNets offers extensibility to standard productivity tools:
  • Generate Excel spreadsheets from SWIFT data
  • Ad-Hoc queries for on the spot information requests
  • Exchange data with mainframe for reconciliation