Corona Generic

Corona Generic is a perfect complement to the Corona product range, extending essential generic functionality to manage the complete range of reconciliation and investigations requirements. While it is recommended to use the specific modules for productised reconciliation, Corona Generic can be applied to manage all other reconciliation requirements. 
Solution Benefits
  • Corona Generic allows transactions to be matched at each stage of the transaction lifecycle, ensuring that at each critical stage all data is correct.
  • Corona Generic can reconcile transaction data in any format from any source.
  • The use of a single database across all of the Corona modules allows cross product reconciliation without the need to duplicate data, ensuring data integrity.
  • Corona Generic delivers comprehensive functionality for inter-system reconciliation, which is imperative for firms to exercise meaningful operational control.
  • The ability to manage all types of reconciliation enables Corona Generic to deliver a complete audit trail for all transactions irrespective of products, systems and counterparties they span.