Your powerful assistant to restart operations on a cold back-up system without message loss or duplication. en.Recovery will become the cornerstone of your messaging contingency plan on SWIFTAlliance.

Reasons to switch operations to a cold backup SWIFTAlliance Access include hardware failure, human mistake, database corruption or disaster situations. 

The recovery process often proves cumbersome, because the status of many messages is unknown. In such circumstances, one needs a failsafe tool to guide in restarting operations and recovering outstanding messages without worrying about loss or duplication of messages sent or received. 
en.Recovery will "hold your hand" to:

  • Retrieve messages from SWIFT to fill in reception gaps
  • Recreate messages under manual preparation and insert them in the exact queue
  • (Modification, Verification, Authorization) where they were before the SWIFTAlliance outage
  • Re-inject outgoing messages on behalf of back office applications unable to resend traffic
  • Retrieve or re-inject incoming messages not yet acknowledged by back office applications
  • Rebuild your SWIFTAlliance Message File with the correct status for each message
  • No matter the status of the message at the time of the disaster, no matter the source of this message, en.Recovery avoids gaps and duplicates.
Powerful test tool
In addition to its role in difficult situations, en.Recovery can be used in daily operations to replicate received traffic on a test system under your Test & Training Logical Terminal.

In this role, en.Recovery enables you to test, free of any messaging charges, new routing schema or new back-office applications, using an exact copy of your live traffic under Test & Training. 
Key features:

  • Maintains an external repository which records all SWIFT Alliance transactions in real-time
  • Allows to resume all operations on a empty, ready to start SAA
  • Verifies the situation of its database and synchronizes with SWIFT only if necessary
  • Blocks and resumes traffic as needed
  • Automatically determines if a message has to be resent or not
  • Optionally, re-creates manual messages from the database
  • Intuitive and easy step-based recovery assistant which helps you to decide throughout each steps
  • Produces helpful audit reports before and after each recovery step