MultiCash@SmartOffice is a client application of the electronic (internet) banking for a safe communication with the bank through Internet. It is intended both for private and corporate clientele. It enables financial transactions and a safe exchange of information between the client and the bank without the necessity to install the application software on the client side.
Basic features of MultiCash@Smart Office
  • Easy operation

  • Automatic updating of new functions

  • Easy adaptation to the bank´s requirements in terms of functionality and design

  • The possibility to use intelligent chip cards or tokens for the electronic signature

MultiCash@Smart Office supports the following functions:
  • Information about account balances and individual turnovers (MT 940)

  • Information about pre-accounted items (MT 942)

  • Displaying reports from the bank

  • Domestic payments - Single, Aggregate - transfers, debit payments, urgent payments

  • Foreign payments - Single, Aggregate €¦

  • Auxiliary databases for accelerated entering of payment orders

  • Sending files of payment orders generated by the accounting system

  • Information about transactions of card operations

  • Sending reports to the bank

  • The possibility to save statements in a text file for loading into the accounting system

Benefits of this solution
MultiCash@SmartOffice system is one of the communication channels of the MultiCash system and is fully integrated in the common communication base. It means that:
  • the format of the transmitted data of payment orders corresponds to the other client sides of the MultiCash program

  • the data format for distribution to clients is the same (MT940, 942)

  • it is possible to use the same interface to the bank system

  • administration of the users´ statistical data on the bank side is the same

  • it is possible to use the functions of the Multicash@Sign application

Security of the  application
MultiCash@SmartOffice uses the highest security standards:
  • Encryption of data transmission by means of the HTTPS protocol

  • Authorization methods

  • SW electronic signature - the secret key is saved on a diskette or another exchangeable medium, e.g. flash disk. It is necessary to install the plug-in which is downloaded from Internet.

  • HW electronic signature - the secret key is saved on a chip card. It is necessary to install the plug-in which is downloaded from Internet.

  • Vasco Token

  • SMS-key.