Our References

MultiCash Product Family

The most important product of Omikron group is the MultiCash product family. The MultiCash Classic solution is the market leading multi-banking electronic banking application in Europe that was introduced in about 250 banks in 20 countries. The MultiCash@SmartOffice internet banking solution has been selected by more than 20 banks throughout Europe including some domestic financial institutions as well as leading bank groups that use the application in their whole European banking network. Being designed as fully automatic communication interface between corporates and their banks, MultiCash Transfer is used by more than 100 leading multinational company groups all over Europe.

Corona Solutions

The Corona financial transaction system developed by SmartStream company is used by more than 1000 financial institutions in 70 countries. The Corona Cash computerised account reconciliation system, the “Flagship” of the product family, is used by 7 banks in Hungary.

Anti-money laundering systems

All over the world already 400 banks implemented the SafeWatch application that was developed EastNets, a company we also represent in Hungary. The anti-money laundering system was introduced in Hungary in 2006; since then 8 banks opted for it. 

SWIFT Alliance supporting solutions

The Reporting, Recovery and DDA solution of EastNets is used by some hundred banks all over the world, including 3 leading banks in Hungary.
ViberDesk Pro - Monitoring Viber traffic

The Viber traffic monitoring ViberDesk Pro solution used by several Hungarian leading financial institutions was developed by Omikron simultaneously with the introduction of Viber system.


The SWIFT Statistic module that monitors the whole banking message traffic is used by several leading banks in Hungary.

IG2 Simulator

Developed together with LIB ltd., this application is used by several banks to simulate IG2 traffic and test the related applications.