Corona Securities

Corona Securities, as a part of integrated reconciliation system, provides the solution for the reconciliation of settlement messages, statements of transactions and statements of holdings.

Corona Securities can support the automatic processing of messages arriving via networks such as SWIFT, EUROCLEAR, CEDEL, SECOM and BoNY, thus drastically reducing the need for manual data entry.

Owing to the high automatic matching rate and the optimized workflow, your staff will be able to devote themselves to a greater extent to exception processing and follow-up activities. These activities are facilitated by a wide range of features for the efficient processing of messages that could not be matched automatically.

Corona Securities offers the conversion of non-standard pieces of information required for matching that is a decisive factor in increasing the automatic matching rate. 

Corona Securities offers a wide range of features and utilities designed to optimize both the automatic matching process and the reconciliation of messages requiring manual intervention. These include:
  • The symmetric approach to account handling in Corona Securities allows you to match more than one safekeeping account from the our side against more than one safekeeping account from the their side.
  • Each statement entry and settlement message in Corona Securities has a status code clearly indicating the current stage of processing
  • In Corona Securities, proposals can be generated automatically based on the associated matching set or created manually.
  • Dual control matching helps you reduce the risk of manual mismatches by having one user create a proposal and another actually match it.
  • User and group notes allow you to comment on a given message, helping you trace the history of a deal later on.
  • The audit trail functionality helps you track any changes made to the messages stored in Corona Securities, indicating by whom and when the record was changed.

Corona Securities offers a two-level archiving system with two different retention periods. Thus, closed statements and matched settlements in the active database can be moved first to the history database and later to a user-defined long-term storage medium.

The Multi-bank version of Corona Securities allows several departments to work on the same system fully independently of each other. They can share static data, such as bank definitions or currencies, and at the same time each institution can customize and view only their own specific data. When using several of SmartStream's reconciliation solutions, common data has to be defined only once for all applications, eliminating the need for redundant data maintenance.