Corona Investigations

Corona Investigations is an integrated component of the Corona product range, enabling fully automated processing of exceptions identified during the reconciliation process. It automates the workflow process for all types of exceptions and is integrated with the Corona reconciliation solutions such as Cash, Confirmations Securities or Generic. 
Case Workflow
  1. An exception case is created immediately upon identification of a transaction requiring further enquiry.
  2. Corona Investigations employs user-defined templates to create investigation messages.
  3. Investigations are sent immediately after the creation and verification. 
  4. Corona Investigation supports the full range of messaging media; SWIFT, e-mail, fax and telex 
  5. Outbound and inbound messages are automatically attached to the relevant exception.
  6. Investigation case is automatically closed according to the user-defined method. 
  7. Corona Investigations creates complete case history. Messages relating to a case carry sequential numbers to enable simple tracking of the investigation audit trail. 
Corona Investigations is easy to integrate into existing system, yielding instant improvement in processing efficiency.